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Bill Dance goes viral

Bill Dance

He's America's best known and most loved TV fisherman, recognized the world over; the Southern gentleman angler who sports the "T" cap. Now Bill Dance has "gone viral" producing his own free iPhone and iPad application full of fishing tips that's made him successful.

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America's best known fisherman, Bill Dance, may now be seen on two nationally aired shows: Bill Dance Outdoors and Bill Dance Saltwater.



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Check back each week as we present to you the best Bill Dance fishing tips from our archives. These tips are sure to help you catch a big one! As always, the tips are brought to you by the Bill Dance App. Download it now for iPhone / iPad or Android devices.


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America's most trusted name in recreational fishing is lending Mother Nature a hand. Bill Dance Signature Lakes offers design and consultation services for the creation and improvement of fresh water fisheries.

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Cast Your Eyes Toward Specialty Tools

Posted: September 2nd, 2015 by Bill Dance

Those that don’t know much about fishing simply can’t understand why we have to have so many “extras” of everything. Well, then they go fishing for the first time; snag and lose a lure or two on submerged undergrowth, logs or limbs and the light bulb finally goes off. Ah, frustration is fishing…it’s one of the things that keeps us going back…these challenges.

But when it comes to fishing rods, well, having the seeming extras is not the same as having a spare in the trunk. Today, the rod section of sporting goods stores looks a lot like a Christmas tree farm. But don’t fail to see this fishing forest for the trees.Fishermen, and especially tournament bass fishermen never know what the fish are going to be doing from one trip to the next (again, see the Frustration Factor). Therefore, we will often have 8-10 rods rigged with different lures and ready for use long before the bass boat leaves the ramp.

As we fish along, we can quickly adjust as the fishing scenario dictates. It saves time and in tournaments, time (and brief opportunities) can be very important, again, especially to the tourney angler.

Now, for the sheer recreational fisherman, well, you can get away with having just one rod, and change lures as you go. But it really is nice and convenient to be able to simply switch out, should you suddenly need a topwater- or some other sort of bait at a moment’s notice.

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