Bill Dance goes viral

Hundreds of great tips on new iPhone/iPad app from the man that got America fishing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- He's America's best known and most loved TV fisherman, recognized the world over; the Southern gentleman angler who sports the “T” for his favorite university and the state of Tennessee.

Now Bill Dance has “gone viral” producing his own free iPhone, iPad and Android application full of fishing tips that's made him successful over his four decades of pro BASS tournament fishing and in the filming of his popular weekly national TV show Bill Dance Outdoors.

iphone app“The strength of our TV series has always been in our 'how to' format; not how many fish you can catch but how you catch them,” Dance said. ”The app is a variety of educational type tips. We're constantly updating, with the latest in the fishing industry and links to manufacturers we work with so owners of the app can stay up with the newest products in the marketplace.”

"There was a time when I thought that nothing could give me more pleasure than locating and catching bass. But there is something far more rewarding to me---and that‟s being able to share what I've learned about this elusive game-fish," he said, smiling.

"My TV series affords me this opportunity to a degree, but there never seems to be time for me to pass on to my viewers everything I'd really like to share. The volume of questions and requests I get in the mail or email substantiates this fact. In view of this I've spent the greater portion of the past year putting together this new 'Bill Dance App,' and I hope that anglers worldwide enjoy learning from my experiences on the water, as much as I've enjoyed bringing this information to them.

“Our emphasis will be centered around the most popular species such as bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish and trout. All anglers can benefit from this app.” he continued. “We just completed an in-depth, 'how-to', video on catching suspended bass; one of the most difficult patterns to uncover and one
of the toughest fish to catch. We used detailed graphics, some in 3-D of the structural features. We take the viewer through the whole technique.

“It's probably the most complex app in fishing. And the tips I like aren't the everyday tips. They're easy-to-understand seasonal tips like how to read water, structural tips, technique, lures, and presentation of different types of baits in different seasons. We cover the anatomy of the fish, their habits in moving water, important tips about habitat, how fish react in clear to muddy water, in highland, lowland and midland reservoirs, natural lakes and ponds, plus how to balance your equipment, the wide variety of fishing lines and knots, how to pack a tackle box, and everything from the top to bottom.

“We have some really unique tips that you don't see every day,” he continued, “things that can really catch fish you wouldn't normally think to do or to use, such as the importance of dissolved oxygen, what fish do in low oxygen situations. Can they be caught in those situations? Yes! Can bass be caught in a 40 degree muddy environment in the dead of winter? Yes, and we show you how. It covers some of the most unique patterns and lure opportunity presentations anglers have ever seen or faced. It also covers the basics, things a father or mother can do with their son or daughter and shows you more in-depth stuff that you can graduate up to.”

What's the one key ingredient that Bill instills in a near endless “A to Z” array of tips? “Confidence,” the IGFA Hall of Famer smiled. “Confidence is the greatest lure in your tackle box. It's what got Bill Dance to the dance,” he chuckled. “And we‟ll have over 100 confidence building, highly instructional, downloadable video fishing tips that we'll be casting out your way, that run three to eight minutes in length, in the not to distant future.”

Asked if there'll be more, Dance, who also has one of the fastest growing Facebook pages in the world responded, “You bet. This free app will be constantly evolving with new things being added.”

Download the free Bill Dance iPhone or iPad app or the Android app

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