Gamakatsu Introduces Four New Bass Hooks For 2012

Super Heavy Cover/Finesse Heavy Cover
Building on 2011’s success of the Heavy Cover Worm Hook, Gamakatsu has added two new Heavy Cover Worm Hooks to create an exciting, versatile and complete Heavy Cover Hook series for 2012. The Super Heavy Cover Worm Hook is indestructible with a welded eye and extra heavy duty cold-forged hook wire that will not flex. It’s perfect for flipping into heavy cover or punching through thick overhead cover. The addition of an oversized barb holds hooked fish solid and the punch wire/keeper firmly secures worms so they stay rigged cast-after-cast. The Finesse Heavy Cover Worm Hook is a light wire, finesse hook that features the first wide gap straight shank hook for finesse worm fishing. Just like all the Heavy Cover Hooks the Finesse features a welded eye and punch wire that assures your worm doesn’t slide down the hook so you fish more, rig less and get more life out of your plastics. NS Black finish.

Stand-Up Alien Head
Looking for the quintessential stand-up jig head? Gamakatsu’s developed the answer with its all-new Stand-Up Alien Head. Perfect for rock or hard bottom fishing, The innovative keeper pin holds plastics without tearing. The benefit is a better presentation, more casts and more mileage out of your plastics. Features a NS Black finesse hook and is available in Green Pumpkin and Black jig heads.

Weedless Split Shot/Drop Shot
Gamakatsu has done it...again! Another fishing hook first with the introduction of the new Weedless Split Shot/Drop Shot Hook. The wide gap hook design is paired to a hair-trigger hand-tied, weed-guard for instant, sure hook-ups. The weed guard maintains its shape and consistency fish-after-fish and is ultra-effective in staying weedless with exposed hook riggings. The Weedless Split Shot/Drop Shot Hook is the absolute answer for those drop shot situations that require an extra measure of weed protection so you have the confidence you’re fishing effectively each and every cast! Available in NS Black in sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0.

Jig Head Wacky
New for 2012, Gamakatsu’s Jig Head Wacky is a vast improvement over other wacky jigs. The nickel/titanium weed guard is the first indication that Gamakatsu’s raised the bass fishing bar. This weed guard is small but mighty as it effectively clears hazards yet maintains its shape and rigidity under the most demanding use. The jig head is an improvement as well. Better designed to resist snags the hook eye is recessed to prevent getting hung-up in structure. Even the hook is different, a custom addition that’s based on a shiner hook but modified for the Jig Head Wacky. The result is a much higher ratio of hook-ups and landed fish than any other comparable brand. Available in NS Black hook and black and green pumpkin jig head colors in sizes 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16 ounce on a 1/0 hook.

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