It’s What’s Missing That Makes Quantum’s New EXO So Extraordinary

Amidst an annual flood of fishing industry product launches, there is one reel that is turning heads the most -- and surprising the hands of those that hold it -- EXO from Quantum. For sure, EXO is one of the biggest lightest things to hit the fishing reel market in years.

exoEXO’s cutting edge looks are obvious. But pick it up, and certainly, you’ll know you’re holding something very different. Mostly because of what’s not there. At only 5.9 ounces – the exoskeleton aluminum frame and side covers provide a reel that is almost 40-percent lighter than the most popular baitcasting reels we fished with just five years ago.

Veteran Quantum marketing man, Bob Bagby said, “We took a very close look at what’s not needed in a baitcasting reel’s frame --and we took it out. But the biggest thing to note is that we didn’t lose strength and function in the process. In fact, we maintained the hardy 150-sized gears in a smaller sleek 100-sized frame when we built EXO.”

Bagby, a straight-shooting personality with an engineering degree, took a see-for-myself approach to EXO. After engineers put it through the rigors of Quantum’s exclusive PT Test Lab, Bagby took EXO prototypes to the parking lot outside his office door and purposely ran over it with his pick-up truck. No failure. Nothing bent. Toughness test passed. But don’t try that at home.

Speaking of cast control, a seven position internal cast control dial allows anglers to select the exact amount of braking they desire to match exact casting conditions.

EXO is offered in super-fast 7.3:1 ratio, as well as a mid-range 6.6:1, and Kevin VanDam’s favorite 5.3:1 crankbait set-up. EXO retails for around $249.

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