Monster Marine Lithium Batteries and Bill Dance Put Charge in Fishing's Future

Monster Marine Lithium Batteries and Bill Dance Outdoors have announced a recent partnership that not only stands to be electric but is also bound to be reliable, strong and long-lasting.

The iconic Dance is the world's first fishing superstar and has been providing steadfast fishing information and entertainment for over 50 years, while Monster Marine Lithium Batteries (MLLB) produces the most dependable products on the market.

"Bill Dance Outdoors has always been associated with products anglers can depend on, and MMLB certainly continues this tradition. To say I am charged about this partnership would be an understatement," said Dance.

"Seriously, if anglers, and any other boaters, for that matter, haven't made the switch to MMLB, they certainly need to consider it. I really have a feeling that those that don't get on board with these batteries, now, are going to be left in everyone else's wake. I really believe these batteries are that much of a game changer."

Dance added that the switch is easy since MMLB has a simple, plug-and-play design which allows the company's products to easily fit the battery trays of most boat manufacturers.

Superior craftsmanship and a built-tough internal structure enables these batteries to withstand any and all of the toughest conditions the outdoors can muster.

The company notes all Monster Marine Lithium Batteries are built out of Grade A cells & the most advanced Battery Management System (BMS) on the market.

"Monster Marine Lithium Batteries are undoubtedly the most stable, toughest, and safest batteries on the market today," Dance said. "I am so proud to have them in my boats, and I am most definitely honored to have them onboard with Bill Dance Outdoors."

There's plenty of reasons for choosing MMLB. A few on a long list are:

- Weight reduction. MMLB are ⅓ to ½ the weight of standard lead acid or agm batteries.
- Longer life spans. MMLB boast 10 times a longer lifespan. That's 400 charge cycles with acid batters versus an impressive 4000 with lithium.
- Power. MMLB have twice the power of traditional batteries (as well as twice as much run time).
- Consistency. These batteries offer consistent voltage all day (unlike acid batteries, with a gradual voltage drop throughout the day).
- Faster charge times. MMLLB charge up to 5 times faster than acid batteries.

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