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He's America's best known and most loved TV fisherman, recognized the world over; the Southern gentleman angler who sports the "T" cap. Now Bill Dance has "gone viral" producing his own free iPhone and iPad application full of fishing tips that's made him successful.

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America's most trusted name in recreational fishing is lending Mother Nature a hand. Bill Dance Signature Lakes offers design and consultation services for the creation and improvement of fresh water fisheries.

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Video: Mercury Marine Is Changing The Game

The Ripple Effect: Making a Difference Via A Reel Future

Posted: February 25th, 2015 by Bill Dance

In my line of work, I sometimes get a chance to make a few ripples, if not waves, for what I consider to be the betterment of others. And whenever, I get such chances, I hope these encouraging ripples can be far-reaching…hopefully, my actions will make a difference.

Such an opportunity presented itself this month when my friends, Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin, and myself had the opportunity to fish with 16 foster kids in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The trip was held for the non-profit organization, A Reel Future, which introduces kids in the foster system to the outdoors. Jimmy, Roland and I were invited down my Founder-Misty Wells.

Now, those that work with foster kids will tell you, these kids do not typically want to stand out, to be labeled as anything “different.” (And really, they’re not different.) Like all kids, they really just want to fit in…to belong, somewhere…and not be seen as different in anyway.

Well, on this trip, we interrupted the kids’ game plan in that regard. We tried to make them feel unique. It was their day…to take center stage and discover the greatest sport the world over. (Now, fishing really does have to be the greatest sport the world over; I mean it’s as they say, “Why else would the majority of it be covered with water?”)

Seriously, it really was a blessing to be able to introduce a group of great kids to a great sport, and perhaps help guide them in a positive direction.

Co-Founder of A Reel Future, Capt. Tommy LaRonge grew up in foster care since the age of 6, saying, that he hoped the kids saw him as an example of someone that succeeded through foster care.

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