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Mercury unveils all‑new tiller for 40‑115hp outboards

Product addresses consumer demand for a more ergonomic and versatile solution

Mercury Marine today announced a new and innovative product that enhances the experience of controlling a boat using the tiller handle. The new tiller is compatible with Mercury four‑stroke outboard engines in the 40‑ through 115‑horsepower range.

The process of developing this tiller began with listening. "Our extensive research revealed that boaters are looking for advanced features for personalizing tiller‑control setup to meet their individual needs. As a result, Mercury developed a more ergonomic, comfortable, responsive and adaptive tiller to improve boating experiences. Our all‑new tiller is much more than a comfortable handle — it is a state‑of‑the‑art control system for the outboard engine," said Mercury Associate Category Manager Kevin Hockerman.

Mercury's new tiller handle provides the most adjustments in the market. This flexibility allows the boater to comfortably operate the tiller regardless of driving‑hand preference. This is the only tiller on the market with the capability not only to swap the shift handle to either side of the tiller but also to reverse the throttle grip rotation to the boater's preference. The tiller handle has side‑to‑side adjustments up to 18 degrees port and starboard from center. Likewise, the boater may also adjust the handle's vertical angle through an auto‑tilt‑lock system or down‑stop angle micro adjustment knob.

These adjustments, along with the design of other touch points and controls, work together to provide the most customizable steering and throttle controls that adjust to the boater's body proportions and positioning.

This tiller handle's innovations don't stop with ergonomics. It comes standard with Mercury Troll Control, which allows the boater to dial‑in precise trolling speeds by tapping a button to increase or decrease speed in 10‑rpm increments (the competition offers less precise 50‑rpm increments). Another new feature is an integrated engine warning display that includes visual and audible warnings for engine oil, temperature, electrical and other faults, as well as for instances in which the driver's safety lanyard becomes disconnected. Sold separately is an industry‑first heated grip that offers three levels of heat for cold‑weather conditions.

Mercury's all‑new tiller handle is compatible with the 40‑ through 60‑horsepower EFI four‑stroke family of engines built since 2006, and the 75‑ through 115‑horsepower EFI four‑stroke family of engines built since 2014.

Learn more at Mercury's online product page for this tiller.


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