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Rebel MicroCritters Made For Young Anglers

You only thought you knew the definition of “ultralight”

Fort Smith, Ark. – Rebel Lures has been thinking small. Tiny, in fact, like a step down from ultralight. The new Micro Critter lineup takes small to a new level, but these are not just super-downsized versions of effective lures with a “Made for Kids!” sticker on the package. Rebel lure designers sought to solve the problems that come with inexperienced anglers and artificial lures, and the result is the new MicroCritter series.

Micro-Pop-RThe MicroCritter series was created with youth anglers in mind, and feature tiny versions of super-successful Rebel Critter lures, including the Wee Craw, Crickhopper, Minnow, and the most infamous bait of all, the Pop-R. These teeny mimics appeal to fish of all sizes and are exactly what the doctor ordered for a day on a stream, pond, river or lake.

It’s the tiny treble hooks on many “kid” lures that can be an issue for fish and little fishermen. They’re hard to remove from the fish, and if the hook penetrates a youngster’s skin past the barb, a trip to the emergency room can be in store. Fish sometimes get the miniature trebles caught in their gills or throat, requiring needle nose pliers for removal and on occasion injuring the fish. Rebel solved this problem by removing the trebles and replacing them with a bigger, single, barbless hook. Barbless hooks cause less damage and are easier to remove, as well as penetrate easier on the hookset. With the MicroCritter series, you don’t have to worry about kids catching, landing, unhooking and releasing fish all by themselves.

Each of the new Rebel MicroCritter lures measures less than 1½-inches and features three colors each, in Crawfish, Minnow, Hopper and Pop-R.

About Rebel Lures – Rebel Lures has been a leader in fishing since 1962, when founder George Perrin began manufacturing a new style of slender minnow lure made of plastic instead of wood. That original F10 Minnow is still in the lineup. Rebel Lures’ accomplishments include manufacturing the boats used in the first Bassmaster Classic and revolutionizing the tackle box industry with “worm-proof” construction material. Today, Rebel Lures continues to produce legendary lures such as the Pop-R and Wee Craw crankbait. Rebel Lures – Catch Fish Anywhere.


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